Voice Talent / Writer

Gigi - Bio

It's a toss-up as to what had more influence on Gigi's career choice - being told she was a "good reader" by Mrs. Baker in the 1st grade, or being named Midwinter Sports Day queen by her small Wisconsin home town. It could be she just likes to talk.

After completing a degree in theater arts at the University of Minnesota, and getting some years of stage work under her belt, Gigi settled into steady work in commercials and industrial films as a voiceover and on-camera talent. Her voiceover work is heard coast to coast, in France and even in Guam. She can be your friendly, conversational neighbor, reach your audience with an honestly caring read, make (even technical) information easy to follow, or give your copy that luxurious, sultry spin. She also writes scripts of every kind and is currently working on a book about wine.

And that’s not all! Through her cooking talents, Gigi has traveled coast to coast and has lunched with Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Glenn Close, and A.E. Hotchner. So if you need a voice talent and/or a script writer, or just want to talk recipes, she'd love to hear from you.

Voiceover Clients Include (but not limited to!): United Health, PBS, General Mills, Sesame St. Live, Starz Premim Channel, Papa Murphy’s, Health Partners, Target, Marketing Archetects, Iowa Wireless, Orville Redenbacher, Computer Renaissance, Lexis Nexis, Play It Again Sports, NRG Energy and numerous TV stations across the country.